Our Story

We are two childhood friends, born and raised in the tropical land of Sweden. We started Makemove because we believe there is an enormous potential in making it easier for people to find others to collaborate and share knowledge with in there quest to create a great startup.


Our Manifesto

We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency. We aim to bring the world of creativity closer to you in a fast, simple and smart way in a beautiful & startup environment. We want you to have the tool to bring projects to life with the help of the people around you, the people outside of your circle. We believe that in order to find that breakthrough innovation or idea, you need people with different backgrounds and mindsets to collaborate with. Hopefully, along the way, with the help of others you will create the next big thing with the world as your playground. So, what are you waiting for? Join Makemove today!


Be a part of our team

Do you dream in code? Or got an awesome skill? Drop us a line at jobs@makemove.se and let's talk!
We are always on the lookout to work with happy and good people.